My name is Karla Pineda! I first began my healing journey my senior year in college while earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at The University of Rhode Island in 2010. Upon receiving my first attunement from my Reiki Master Teacher I felt Reiki was a grounding force in my life. I instantly wanted to share this incredible gift with everyone I knew. After two years of practicing on family, friends and doing self-treatments I became certified as a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner in 2012. That’s when I took Reiki on the road doing house calls and eventually began my home practice. Throughout this time I also worked in behavioral medicine with Lifespan and Care New England Hospitals in conjunction with the Brown University Medical School. I worked directly with young children, teens,disabled adults and pregnant women as part of my various roles as a behavioral therapist, research assistant and community outreach advocate. 

Following my decision to leave the mental health field to focus full time on my Holistic Practice, I transitioned to my Shamanic Practice that comes from my family lineage from my Guatemalan Mayan Ancestors. Growing up within the Shamanic culture from my Grandmother who is a practicing Shaman in Guatemala, I learned in-depth how to connect with people on a deeply Spiritual and Energetic level. Tying this in with my formal Reiki training I feel I am now able to offer a full spectrum of services to the families and individuals I serve. 

Through my amazing year of Revelations in 2018 I met my incredible friend Gabriela Sime who introduced me to the world of Doula work and I was hooked! I found that throughout my time in the human services field I had always been a helper and a calming force in the life of my clients and patients. I have been with both of my sisters through their pregnancies, through labor and through the toughest post-partum period. I have been of service to my friends and family in their most delicate time of need and I absolutely love being there every step of the way. It has been a blessing working with the doula clients Gaby has introduced me to and I look forward to help clients who are looking for a positive birth and postpartum experience. We can make your journey a time of empowerment with the use of Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Meditation and energy work. 

Through my energy work I have been able to share my innate abilities of clairvoyance,

claircognizance, clairaudience and clairsentience in order to heal people on all levels mentally,

physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have worked with clients of all walks of life, and with a

wide range of needs. Some include: people simply seeking relaxation, healing from chronic

illness and pain, dealing with life-long wounds and traumas, healing from death and loss,

finding a life passion and direction, getting unstuck after failed relationships, and helping those

transitioning onto new life stages. Reiki Life Force Energy knows no boundaries and always goes

where it is needed most for a total Mind, Body and Soul experience.

My Goal and Life Mission is simply to be of service. My Heart and Soul thrive on helping others to reach their highest potential.