About Gaby



Hello! My name is Gabriela Sime. I am thrilled to bring the amazing service of birth and postpartum work to our beautiful communities with an amazing team who is ready to pour in to families during such a special time.

I was born and raised in Fall River Massachusetts and currently reside in Plainville, MA. I am the youngest of four children born to my honest, good hearted parents. My mother is from Honduras and my father from The Dominican Republic. I am fluent in English and Spanish. My urban upbringing, second language, culture and the diversity in the work I have chosen, have always helped me relate to people of all backgrounds. I have always been very interested in psychology, natural health, mental health, social justice, education and many other topics that I feel help us progress as a society. 

At 22 I gave birth to my beautiful son Abel who is my biggest blessing in life. I then began more than ever to focus on my health for our family’s best interest. I had an amazing woman open my eyes to the beauty of natural childbirth through BlissBorn Classes she taught. Unfortunately, I started educating myself later in my pregnancy and ended up having a C-section. From what I know now I do believe many interventions wouldn’t have been necessary if I had implemented more of what I had learned, or if I had a Doula present to work WITH me. Now although I have a great memory of my first birth and my C-section recovery was quick and easy, it was not the birth I wanted or felt was necessary. Since then I have and will continue to educate myself on how to improve maternity services not just for myself but for all women in general. 

Every mom should have 1-1 support during pregnancy even if they have a lot of family and friends support. Having an unbiased person care for you teaches you the importance of self-care and finding additional support. After speaking with many mothers that had similar experiences I realized that not only is pregnancy support necessary but also labor support and postpartum support.

I am excited to provide helpful services to mothers as I admire their strength and love being able to encourage them to use it. We have everything we need to give birth, but it doesn’t hurt to have additional support!

Family Protection Plans

At 19 I was lucky enough to stumble upon an amazing company, American Income Life!  I became very passionate about making sure parents had benefits in place to protect their children and spouses financially. As parents it is important to always prepare ourselves for unexpected events. I am a licensed representative in MA & RI so if you are looking for some advice on your current benefits I offer a Needs Analysis for each client and no cost benefits such as Child Safe ID kits, Health Service Discount Cards, Will Kits and more. My fiancé Brian is the owner of an agency  in East Providence! I am so proud to train our new representatives and help him run an amazing team where we can provide for families and also introduce people to this amazing career! Check us out at Zuzick.com and let me know how I can help you!

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds is a unique natural health retreat that helps it's members focus on Nutrition, Hydration, Detoxing Compromised Body Systems, and Increasing Joy and Relaxation. Due to my passion growing as a client here, I studied Colon Hydrotherapy and have apprenticed with the owner to learn more about natural health. These years have changed my life and helped me learn to prioritize my body, mind and spirit. From helping my clients during pregnancy to remedies for common ailments the tools here help me provide information for natural, simple and preventative health care. Book an appointment today!